It is the mother goddess of the Vanir dynasty in Nordic mythology. Daughter of Njord and sister of Frey, she is the goddess of sex, sensuality, fertility, love, beauty, attraction, lust, music and flowers. Also is the goddess of magic, divination, wealth, wisdom and leader of the Valkyries (conductor of souls of the dead in battle).

Had many gods as lovers and is represented as a woman attractive and voluptuous, clear-eyed, short stature, freckles, bringing with them a magical necklace, emblem of the goddess of the earth.

  • Legend has it that she find in a cave, four dwarves, skilled craftsmen, with whom she sees a gold necklace of incredible beauty (the necklace Brisings). Freyja urges the dwarves that they sell, but they only accept to sell the necklace for a price: she sleep with each of them. She agrees. However, Loki sees what is happening and report to Odin. This is furious and tells Loki take Freyja’s necklace. 
  • Freyja’s beauty is legendary. She rides in a carriage pulled by two cats. As Odin, Freyja is also linked to the world of the dead, and where the visit, she returns there with the power to look the future.

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